Total Dental & Denture Care by Kelvin Lantigua, D.M.D.
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Implants – How They Work

Worried about losing your natural teeth while playing soccer? Don’t worry; you can now replace them with replacement teeth supported by implants. They are a restoration method intended to give you the

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How to Build Strong Teeth

Stronger teeth don’t just mean good oral hygiene – it’s one of the features of a strong willed character, an impressive personality and a disciplined life. The question is – how do

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Denture Care

Dentures need special care and attention. They come with their cautionary fragile note: handle with care. You need to pamper them and give them the breaks they deserve. The goal is to

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General Dentistry

Today, we will do an overview of what exactly is general dentistry and what does it entail. When you use the word dentist in common terminology, we are actually referring to general

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How Serious is a Root Canal?

Root Canal treatment, an effective endodontic method to counter bacterial infections and excruciating pain, is necessary when the tooth gets damaged or ruptured owning to bacterial infiltration. One of the more painful

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